how do we sell dice for so cheap?

It's simple: We don't add crazy markups to our products.

A lot of online dice retailers/dropshippers are selling the exact same dice that we do, but they often charge massive markups (talk about rolling a NAT1)!

Can you find these same dice online for even cheaper from the places we get them from? Absolutely. And if you want to buy directly from them, we say go for it! But if you want to help us buy a burrito and keep our cats cozy we would appreciate the support!

Our goal is to be able to purchase these dice in bulk and sell directly ourselves, then we can make prices even lower!

To keep our prices low we also utilize the following practices:

  • Source quality low-cost suppliers for our dropshipping.
  • Change suppliers if prices go up.
  • Utilize slightly longer shipping times (it is what it is).

We can't check prices for every seller out there, but if you've found it cheaper from another retailer, we'll try and beat it.

We appreciate you and your support! Now get out there and kill (or seduce) that dragon!