Frequently Scryed Questions

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Who are you?

The Goblin Dice Merchants are a bunch of Canadian TTRPG fans that stream D&D, create D&D Kickstarter campaigns, and sell cheap dice!

Why are your dice so cheap?

We dropship them. And before that makes you run away, almost every non-custom dice maker dropships their dice! The difference is that we don't add crazy markups. Plus, everyone wants more dice, and the cheaper they are the more you can add to your collection!

I haven't received my order!

If it's only been 2 weeks, wait a bit longer. Cheaper dice means longer wait times.

If it's been a little too long use our contact form to request an update on your order:

Please include your name and order number!

My package said it was X country or by X company?

To keep prices low we ship directly from the supplier. Sometimes this means they put little add ins in the box, etc.

Our goal it to one day have our own in-house inventory but we're just getting started!

Couldn't I save more by buying from your supplier or

Absolutely! And we wouldn't be mad if you did. But, if you feel like throwing a few bucks our way by ordering through our store we would be eternally grateful!